Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Monday, June 7, 2010

Today was a busy day for our excellent farrier, David Bourke. He put shoes on four horses and trimmed four more, including the youngsters Arrow and Clio, who were the best behaved they've been for him. He had good help from Stevie Hinsley, and the animals enjoyed getting some attention from David's little son and daughter. David has a horse running at Colonial Downs, so keep your fingers crossed for a good finish.

I saw a beautiful green frog jump into the stream at the culvert on my way to catch Webster, but I was talking on my phone and wasn't able to take his picture! Next time.

Hello to my friends at the Norfolk Hunt Club - I'll miss you tomorrow night at the Annual Meeting. And of course, special thanks and recognition from down south to George Fiske, outgoing President. Well done, GFFJr.!