Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Louisa County riders really impress me with their work ethic - the girls who came for lessons this week volunteered to give Ginger a bath, to clean stalls, to help with other chores around the barn . . . these are not kids who will spend all summer staring at a video screen! I also appreciated their interest in our farrier, and of course, David Bourke was so gracious to answer questions, explain different types of shoes, and hand out a couple as souvenirs. Somehow we got Ginger and Pungo ridden in the ring, Zender shod in the aisle, and a full load of gravel delivered into the paddock - all at the same time!

On Tuesday, Dr. Kate Hussman of Louisa Veterinary Service arrived to vaccinate the sheep. She came recommended by Will Coleman, our wonderful neighbor who sells us such top-quality hay. Dr. Hussman was as professional and patient as she could be (corralling, catching, and restraining ten sheep while they are each given three injections is not easy). I really appreciated her advice about deworming the flock here in Virginia, as the conditions are very different than their prior home in New England.

Here's the answer to a future trivia question: The good-luck horseshoes above the doorways into both barns are Pungo's; the shoe above the lesson tackroom belongs to Rascal!