Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two new students joined our program this week, and it's exciting to watch "Team Easy Keeper" grow. The senior lady ponies, Misty and Krispy Kreme, were the featured mounts as these little riders are just 7 and 5 years old. The older girl has just about mastered posting and shows a beautiful two-point position. In fact, she does enough trotting that I am pulling out the lunge line - I can only jog so many laps around the ring next to the pony! The younger girl is a brand-new horse fan, but so confident and comfortable on Krispy that I'm sure she'll progress very quickly (and she loooved being taller than her mom while up in the saddle). Best of all, these girls were perfectly responsible about taking care of the ponies and equipment before and after their rides.

We have a nice distribution of ages and experiences now, so some folks are just getting started, some are working on trotting, others have begun to canter, and toward the older range we're practicing interesting jump courses. We've ridden almost all the schoolhorses in lessons, including Misty, Krispy, Shadow, Belle, Henri, Ginger, Chubbs, Wizard, Chester, and Pungo, with me riding Zender for the trail riding lessons.

Tomorrow, a grandfather is bringing his grandkids to the farm for pony rides, so perhaps we'll sign up even more students before my next post!