Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Friday, September 17, 2010

A new family joined our program, with all three children enthusiastically participating! The oldest already has a good basic position and is working on cantering with Ginger. The two younger gentlemen will take turns following their sister's lesson, and since they're less experienced, I am getting lots of exercise walking and trotting around the ring. Each sibling is eager to care for the horse before and after riding - I think Ginger was sponged and scraped three times last lesson (not a bad thing with the late summer heat)! Hopefully they'll be on hand to help with the Pony Rides at the LCPR Harvest Festival in a couple of weeks.

As autumn approaches, I'm busy getting ready for the winter ahead (yuck). I picked up a load of beautiful hay from Will Coleman, dewormed the horses again, and the vet visited to perform annual dental checkups. The bunny hutches have moved into the barn aisle for a little extra protection - and the sheep, well, as I watch their fleecy coats lengthen, I know they will be just fine without any help from me!