Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Friday, October 15, 2010

With Louisa schools closed last Monday and Tuesday, a couple of riders took advantage of the opportunity to spend all day at the farm. We couldn't have had more beautiful weather for some early autumn riding and working around the barn. Each day's schedule included a regular riding lesson in the morning (featuring our friends Shadow, Belle, and Chester), plus a bonus ride in the afternoon - Monday was bareback work with Chubbs and Wizard, and Tuesday was trail riding with Chubbs and Henry. Now don't feel bad for Chubbs getting ridden a couple of times, he is living up to his name and needs every step of exercise he can get!

Chores are part of daily life at the farm, so we also cleaned stalls, picked out the ring, tidied up around the rabbit hutches, and managed to get two out of ten sheep dewormed (it's hard to catch sheep when they don't want to get caught). Chester, who must have been reading about the recent World Equestrian Games and tried to imitate a showjumper during his lesson, also got a bubble bath - which ended up with the humans as soaked as the pony.

During winter vacation, I'll offer similar daylong programs every weekday - you can sign up for as many or as few days as you like. Check with your parents (information on the Details page), and let me hear some special ideas or activities you'd like to see. I'm thinking a snowy trail ride would be fun . . . and maybe a special photo day with the horses in holiday gear!