Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Set a Goal

I've enjoyed handing out a number of ribbons to students beginning the Horsemanship Program! The first level, Super Starter, covers the most important things we learn around horses. This includes how to safely approach, handle and groom a horse. These riders must also be able to tack up on their own (with possibly a little help with the bit), and demonstrate mounting/dismounting, correct position, and control of the horse through a series of exercises at the walk. The next level, Terrific Trotter, requires more equine knowledge and performance of maneuvers at the trot. Moving up, students must complete the skills on different schoolhorses, which will be quite a challenge for those especially fond of Misty and Ginger! But true horsemanship means being able to ride all types of horses, and it's an excellent goal to pursue.