Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Monday, March 28, 2011

"To Horse and Hound"

Pictured in Nelson County, Chubbs and Belle provided a wonderful day's sport, with about a hundred other riders, as the foxhunting season drew to a close. I think Mr. Reynard could hear all those hooves coming and chose to hide in his den, but we had a great time galloping across fields, sliding down trails, and hopping across winding streams. Every pause gave us a chance to admire the 360-degree views of the Blue Ridge Mountains! Providing comic relief was a pair of house dogs, one a Dalmation, who cheerfully loped along behind the foxhounds. And the abundant breakfast following the meet was a special treat - I snuck a few items into my pockets for sustenance on the drive home.

"But I freely admit that the best of my fun I owe it to horse and hound." -- George John Whyte-Melville