Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Monday, August 8, 2011

Changing of the Guard

We had more terrific all-day activities at the farm last week, including Mr. Wizard winning over a new fan! In addition to working Chubbs and Wiz in the ring, the riders carried helmets and halters out to the far back field and enjoyed riding Pungo, Misty, and Clio bareback around (but not over) the cross-country jumps, which also made handy mounting blocks. It's not easy to get on Pungo without a stirrup or a stepstool. One of the afternoon projects was creating these excellent posters, which are on display in the upper barn. Peppermint the bunny was happy to get a little extra attention too.
The big picture at the top of the blog is special to me, because it shows our young horse, Clio, "joining the payroll" at the farm. After spending extra time this spring getting her ready to help with lessons, I am proud to see her so calmly carrying these beginners around the pasture. At the same time, Clio's entry into the workforce is bittersweet, as also this week, I officially retired the one and only Ginger Snap. Ginger, age 28, is still the first mare whinnying for a treat at the gate every morning. But she had slowed down and I promised her that she could hang up her bridle when the camp sessions ended. She definitely deserves to enjoy a little retirement out on the Virginia grass. So it has been a wistful changing of the guard -- sort of a "Sunrise, Sunset" transition at the farm this week.