Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween

Another autumn, another day of pony rides at the Fall Festival in Mineral! 104 kids' names on the release forms - whew, quite a busy afternoon. This time we took Wizard and Misty, and three high school students and a couple of extra helpers made sure everything went smoothly. Well, there was one moment when both ponies had teeny tinies screeching at full volume on their backs - but once they walked forward, the crying stopped and the smiles started. Many, many thanks to all my assistants!!! And I hope everyone saw the photo of Wizard and friends in the paper last Thursday.

Due to popular demand, I added another session of Parks & Rec lessons for kids in November, so call the office if you're interested in signing up. Regular lessons continue straight through winter, so get your long underwear and fleece ready (did we really see some snow out there last night? Ick!). I'm looking forward to taking Dr. Martha the veterinarian and her cousin on a hunter pace next Sunday -- doing a sundance for better weather then.