Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Shortest Day

The lesson children this week are just crazy excited looking forward to Christmas morning. But their instructor, while also anticipating family and food on Sunday, is psyched for tomorrow. The winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year. For those of us without lighted or indoor rings, and anyone who works outside, it's definitely time to celebrate when we know the days are getting longer again! Even though it will take four weeks to get back to the hours of daylight we had at Thanksgiving, and even longer to really make a noticeable difference, it's a huge psychological boost. I should mention that the Speckled Sussex ladies have been laying their delicious fresh eggs quite reliably, even during these shortest days. My neighbors stopped by with a gift of delicious, aromatic FFA fruit and I was able to reciprocate with some beautiful brown eggs.

Barn business continues through the winter. Lesson sessions with Louisa County Parks and Recreation begin in January, and their latest "Leisure Times" catalog includes EKF's first-ever Spring Break Horse Camp. I've already posted the Summer Camp schedule on the Details, Please page of the website. June seems far off, but with the days getting longer it's not too soon to plan ahead.