Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Think Spring

Louisa County received a blast of winter weather this weekend = YUCK! I confess there were a few opportunities to photograph beautiful ice-covered trees and a lovely purple sunset yesterday - I've posted those on the nature blog. Don't the hens look stunning with their white-speckled feather tips against the snow, matching this eye-catching speckled egg from Tammy Wynette Chicken.
Since the frigid conditions cancelled lessons, I'm staying warm planning ahead for spring. You may see a few bluebird boxes go up near the fencelines, probably in the far back field, and/or the big pasture down by the creek. Far away from Peanut Butter! We can look forward to improving our birdwatching skills when we hike and trail ride around the farm. There's also a rumor about installing a honeybee hive, for a different type of Creature Feature (and who doesn't want fresh honey to go with the fresh eggs?). Many of our favorite blooming wildflowers and garden plants depend on honeybees to transfer their pollen from plant to plant. So along with the hive, we hope to establish Nutmeg's Garden, a small but colorful place full of special plants to attract both bees and butterflies.
I'm already feeling warmer! Now back outside to finish evening chores.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Party Pics Plus!

Proof that even the experts agree: riding is great physical therapy (above).
He can drive more than just a tractor (at least with a little help from his daughter).
Look at all the attention Misty, Chester, and Chubbs are getting from these great kids!
Birthday presents, cake, and a pony ride on the same day = big smile!
Looks like Chester is trying to smile as big as his little rider!!!
Ten woolly bums line up for oat bar handouts.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pony Parties: Not Just For Kids Anymore

Yes, even in the dead of winter one brave rider scheduled a birthday pony party. As you can see above, the chilly (but not frigid) temperatures didn't bother the sheep one bit. Those sheep know that when the red fence panels go up, they can expect some yummy oat bar treats! The young partygoers also didn't mind the cold, walking and trotting around the ring with glee. Rumor has it that two adults, one more often seen atop a Kioti tractor, and the other a TV celebrity seen cruising around in a Mechron, were spotted aboard the pony Chubbs. I didn't have a chance to post my photo evidence tonight, but stay tuned, I'll get it up here next time.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blue Skies Ahead

Happy New Year! Everyone in Louisa County is looking forward to 2012 -- last year had enough earthquakes, tornadoes, you name it, to last us a while. And 2011 was Easy Keeper Farm's first full year of operation, so we're hoping 2012 will bring even more riders, friends, and fun adventures.

Speaking of friends, did I mention all my great small town neighbors? First the folks across the road swung by with a box full of tasty FFA holiday fruit. Many, many lesson students gave the horses bags of treats, so I won't have to buy horse treats until, oh, April. Then, late December 22nd, the vet and I were out in the barn treating a colicky pony, with rain pouring down through the darkness around us. Finally, near midnight, the pony improved and I trudged up to the house -- and found an adorable Christmas tree, with several boxes of decorations and lights, left on the porch by my neighbor elves! It really lifted my spirits and brightened up the house for all my visiting family.

What are your riding goals for this year? To canter around the ring on your own? To jump some of the cross country jumps? To participate in our farm show this spring, or maybe a trail ride or foxhunt off the property? Start planning and let me know. I'm hoping to enroll lots of campers this year (nothing will jumpstart your skills like riding five days in a row), so check out the schedule for April spring break and for the summer.