Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Think Spring

Louisa County received a blast of winter weather this weekend = YUCK! I confess there were a few opportunities to photograph beautiful ice-covered trees and a lovely purple sunset yesterday - I've posted those on the nature blog. Don't the hens look stunning with their white-speckled feather tips against the snow, matching this eye-catching speckled egg from Tammy Wynette Chicken.
Since the frigid conditions cancelled lessons, I'm staying warm planning ahead for spring. You may see a few bluebird boxes go up near the fencelines, probably in the far back field, and/or the big pasture down by the creek. Far away from Peanut Butter! We can look forward to improving our birdwatching skills when we hike and trail ride around the farm. There's also a rumor about installing a honeybee hive, for a different type of Creature Feature (and who doesn't want fresh honey to go with the fresh eggs?). Many of our favorite blooming wildflowers and garden plants depend on honeybees to transfer their pollen from plant to plant. So along with the hive, we hope to establish Nutmeg's Garden, a small but colorful place full of special plants to attract both bees and butterflies.
I'm already feeling warmer! Now back outside to finish evening chores.