Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Wow, the crazy weather really has continued here in Louisa! The animals trudged through about four inches of snow to reach their hay Monday morning. But tomorrow, the temperature is expected to hit the mid-70's. The horses are definitely starting to shed their heavy winter coats, and soon the barn aisle will be covered in "fur waffles" collected by the curry combs.

Last night, I attended the Louisa County Young Riders 4-H Club meeting to judge Oral Presentations. It's so interesting to observe the different ages and backgrounds of these junior equestrians. We also set a date for their Horsemanship Clinic at Easy Keeper Farm: Sunday, April 22. The clinic will be a chance for the 4-Hers who don't own their own horses to learn about behavior, care, grooming, and take an introductory lesson. Who knows, maybe some of the EKF horses and ponies will get to participate in a 4-H show this summer!

Speaking of summer, three girls signed up yesterday for July 16-20 pony camp, which is terrific. Since I need three campers minimum, that session is definite. But the maximum number of children is eight, so please give me a heads-up about which week you're hoping to come. I don't want to overbook and have to turn anyone away! Deposits aren't due until the week before you attend.