Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Louisa County 4-H Young Riders

On Sunday, EKF hosted a terrific group of 4-Hers for a Horsemanship 101 clinic. The young riders first learned how horses behave, what their basic needs are, and how to tell if your horse is healthy.
  Each girl used a stethoscope to listen for signs of life in Pungo's barrel and chest! Then we visited the hay barn to compare alfalfa and grass hay, followed by a stop in the feed room to look at oats, corn, and pellets - stored in a metal bin to keep the rodents out.
After the horsekeeping details, the 4-Hers enjoyed the best part - riding!  Despite different experience levels, everyone participated in a few games to challenge their steering and control. Then Henry, Pungo, Wizard and Misty let each rider work on her trotting skills, too!
Many thanks to my lovely assistants for helping me
share the farm with this awesome group!