Riding Lessons and More in Central Virginia

Monday, August 6, 2012

More Than Just Riding!

Everybody knows that EKF summer camp means lots of riding.  We start each morning with a lesson, to beat the heat, and add a bonus bareback ride or Big Horse Day in the afternoon.  But our campers do so much more . . . these girls encountered Mr. Box Turtle on a nature walk down the Deer Stand Trail (carefully follow the campers' eyes to find the orange markings on his shell):
One of our indoor craft activities is to mold clay into different shapes, then press nature items from our walk into the clay.  Acorn caps and pinecones, and sometimes a small horseshoe, make terrific impressions.  Along with some letters and creativity, we end up with unique pieces to take home and remember camp all year long.  Usually this is rainy-day fun, but this summer it's been a Super-Hot-Day-Let's-Get-Into-the-Air-Conditioning favorite!
Last week's campers headed down to the Louisa County Agricultural Fair on Friday, after our morning ride.  We had a great time checking out the 4Hers showing their animals, meeting the alpacas at the petting zoo, eyeing the prize-winning vegetables and admiring the homemade quilts and baskets:
The fifth and final session of camp is underway now, so I'll be back next week (when the Louisa County kids go back to school -- already?!) to update you on their adventures.  Stay cool!