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Friday, March 29, 2013

Will Spring Ever Get Here?

It didn't seem like winter was that bad, until we got to March!  Snow snow snow...and while snowfall late in the season gets melted pretty quickly by the longer sunny days, that just means more MUD during mud season!  The horses are dodging the worst puddles as I try to throw the (hopefully final load of) hay toward drier spots in the pastures, but it's a challenge.

Fortunately, with lots of houseguests, most of March went by in a blur!  EKF hosted a 6 year old's birthday party, for which the weather briefly, but successfully, cooperated -- and took riders out to follow hounds with author and MFH Rita Mae Brown's pack in Nelson County -- and at a slightly slower pace, for a spin around the trails at Lake Anna State Park.  This month also saw riders with at least a sixty-year span between their ages enjoying the farm = that is awesome.  Thank you to all the wonderful horses.

Now I'm looking ahead to a busy couple days of lessons, and then planning April vacation week camp ideas.  Spring is such a great time for camp!  We'll check out the eggs in the vernal pool, identify different plants that are about to flower, and spy on the birds to see where they're working on their nests.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Check it out!

I plan to continue updating the blog with coverage of all EKF happenings . . . but for a freewheeling, interactive virtual experience of the farm, horsey life in general, and the community of horse-crazy people, click on our new facebook page.

Hope to see you there (and here) soon!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Busy As . . .

 . . . a beaver!  That describes the scene at the farm recently, when our summer camp program put on its long underwear and down vest to turn into winter pony camp.  Just behind my right shoulder, above, you can make out the top of the incredible dam built by wet brown paws down on Duckinghole Creek.  It's holding the water level several feet above the creek in a giant pond -- definitely worth the campers hiking down to check it out.

We also made horsey ornaments, prepared special New Year's treats for the critters, and built a campfire right in the riding ring to make smores.  That's a fun way to warm up on a cold winter afternoon (and how many people can say they've roasted marshmallows in their riding ring?).  Some campers are cantering now, and on bareback day, one rider even switched from Wizard to Chubbs without touching the ground in between!

The first few weeks of this year also saw three older students make their debuts in the hunt field.  Two of these have already come out a second time, and the third -- with beautiful new tall black boots -- is checking the calendar for the next opportunity.  And I am looking forward to the end of this cold, icy weather!

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